An Alternative Form of Mental Health Care Gains a Foothold

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Caroline White at the office of the Hearing Voices Network in Holyoke, Mass. The program, which relies on members supporting one another, does not use the words “patient” or “treatment.” Ms. White, who hears voices in her head, said psychiatric therapy had made her feel “hopeless, because the drugs just made me feel worse.” Credit Sasha Maslov for The New York Times

Physical Dependence and Addiction

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The following is the single most important concept to understand when learning about addiction and evidence-based treatments. If you learn nothing else but this you will be in better shape than most and aspects about modern addiction treatment that baffle many will be clear to you. All modern evidence-based treatments are based off of understanding this important distinction. […]

15 Celebs Who Are Shutting Down Stigmas About Mental Illness

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With almost 19% of adults in the United States experiencing a mental illness in any given year, it should come as no surprise that many celebrities live with mental illness too. In honor of Mental Illness Awareness Week, here are 15 celebrities who have shared their stories about mental illness and health.

Work after Rehab

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If you’re early in your recovery you may be eager to get back to work back to something familiar, an activity you know and can count on. But you may not be so fortunate; perhaps you don’t have a job to fill your days and provide the structure and accountability that’s so important to successful recovery for many. You may also feel that while you’d like to resume working, you’re not ready; it’s not uncommon to feel fragile when your recovery is still new, and your body may still be readjusting to life without substances.

Consequences of Substance Abuse Among Youth

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Youth who use alcohol and other drugs persistently face an array of possible consequences, including: School problems. A lowered commitment to education, declining grades, absenteeism from school and related activities, increased potential for dropping out, and higher truancy rates are … Continued