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Substance Abuse Day and Night

Our Day and Night program offers a structured environment designed to provide individuals with an intense treatment to ensure a rock solid foundation. Our facilities promotes a safe and supportive environment were negative influences are removed, making it easier for individuals to cope with their cravings and resist the urge to use.

Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient

This program has been developed to meet the needs of individuals dealing with emotional issues along with addiction/substance abuse issues. It was designed for clients who need more than traditional office based individual therapy or are stepping down from the Day and Night Program. This program will help the individuals as they start to rebuild their life’s or pick up where they left off.

Substance Abuse Outpatient

Our outpatient program allows individuals to address issues in a less restrictive environment. During sessions individuals will work on issues surrounding their inability to stop using; consequences associated with their decision making; developing alternative coping skills when managing their symptoms and understanding how their thought process contributes to their current mental state..

Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program

This program has been developed for individuals who are experiencing mild to moderate mental health symptoms and at times need a time out from their daily activities. Our program offers a structured environment free from distractions which allows the individual to focus on their recovery.

Spiritual Recovery Program

At Serenity Treatment Center we believe that, in order to overcome weaknesses, addictions, emotional responses and/or other destructive actions and behaviors caused by different life circumstances and/or traumatic events, we need to begin at the starting point – a Rock solid foundation, meaning the essense of who you are.

Our recovery treatments, both holistic and spiritual, address and deal with the underlying issues and root causes of the addiction and/or mental health issues. We will help you catapult into greatness.

Your individual recovery journey starts from within, by assisting you in finding your way back to your foundation for a better life.

Our spiritual and holistic portion of Serenity Treatment Center counseling and recovery treatment provides you with the ability to understand the function of the “mind, body and soul” in your life and your recovery from substance abuse and/or other mental health issues that you may be struggling with.

We will help you understand the root of your emotions and your behavior and why “they” make you do what you do. We will help you find answers, redirect your path and make your recovery our goal and our priority.

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